Acrobatics - acrobatic tricks, tumbling passes, balance tricks, flexibility and body control

Adult Dance Bodies - developing and maintaining a healthy body, mind and good physical conditions. Different styles of dance include hip hop, jazz, aerobics and tae bo

Ballet - ballet technique consisting of classical steps and movements in soft ballet shoes

Cheer Dance - consisting of jazz techniques, cheerleading moves and basic tumbling, jumps, leaps and turns

Dance Techniques - developing flexibility, balance, body control and different techniques in areas of jazz, ballet, tap and lyrical

Hip Hop - hip hop, street/freestyle dance combined with jumps, leaps and jazz technique

Jazz - jazz techniques including up tempo, isolations, turns, leaps and jumps (can be combined with ballet and lyrical)

Lyrical - lyrical techniques with an emphasis on lyrics, emotional expression utilizing the music, flexibility, balance and control of movements

Tap - tap techniques rhythm, sounds and tempo

Tot’s Time - creative movement utilizing the body to create movement with music, coordination skills, motor skills emphasis on ballet and tap

(Tot’s Time students must be potty trained prior to entering classes at GDFAC)



CLASS PLACEMENT (required for ages: 7 and up)
Our placement testing is based on a number of factors including previous dance training, coordination skills, memory, knowledge of dance terminology and demonstrating the skills on his or her level of dance. The placement test may take up to 10 to 15 minutes depending on the student. Placement is required to make sure each student is in the proper class that will benefit them the most. Classes are not based on the student’s age, ethnicity, friends, etc.  Dancers, regardless of age, must be able to maintain stamina, strength, and demonstrate proficiency before being placed in advanced level classes.  In the performing arts you have to be open to changes!



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