Competitive Dance Classes

GDFAC COMPETITIVE DANCE CLASSES (eligible for ages:6 and up)

Our competitive dance classes range from ages: 6 and up. They may compete in the areas of jazz, tap, lyrical, hip hop and acrobatics. The competitive classes are selected from our higher level classes: intermediate/advanced and advanced classes. The class/classes selected to compete at a dance competition will be at the discretion of the dance instructor. These students have developed the physical skills, discipline, coordination and focus to compete on a regional or national level.

The students must maintain a good attendance record throughout each semester to be eligible to compete. Each student cannot miss more than a total of 4 absences per semester. If a class is selected for competing, a majority of the students in the class will have to agree to compete as a group.

For more information about the GDFAC Competitive Dance Classes, please contact Rita McIver.