All parents of Gotta Dance Fine Arts Center are strongly encouraged to read the handbook.  PARENTS, please read and sign the waiver. STUDENTS, read and sign the student code of conduct. Return both forms to the studio by September 30, 2012.


Dance training is life training! We provide students with a well-structured dance curriculum.  We are committed to providing a wide variety of dance styles that produces a well balanced dancer in all aspects of dancing. 


Why is ballet important? Dancers ask this very question quite often.
1) Ballet is the basic foundation for most forms of dance. Whatever you learn in ballet, it translates to values that can be used to pursue other forms of dance. The alignment and musicality it requires are only some examples of important qualities in most dance styles.
2) The development of discipline and dedication. Ballet technique is very specific and requires practice to improve. In most cases, the qualities of discipline and dedication translate themselves to other areas of life like work and school.
3) Improving posture. Let's face it: everything in ballet requires good posture. In time, the posture utilized in the studio translates to every part of a dancer's life.
All GDFAC students are required to be enrolled in at least one ballet class for our beginner, intermediate and advanced students in addition to their other classes.  A student MUST study ballet under the direction of GDFAC instructors concurrently to be eligible for enrollment in other classes. Our only exception to this rule is if a student only enrolls in,  cheer dance, dance techniques, boys tumbling  or hip hop .  There is no substitution to a good ballet class!


CLASS PLACEMENT (required for ages: 7 and up)
Our placement testing is based on a number of factors including previous dance training, coordination skills, memory, knowledge of dance terminology and demonstrating the skills on his or her level of dance. The placement test may take up to 10 to 15 minutes depending on the student. Placement is required to make sure each student is in the proper class that will benefit them the most. Classes are not based on the student’s age, ethnicity, friends, etc.  Dancers, regardless of age, must be able to maintain stamina, strength, and demonstrate proficiency before being placed in advanced level classes.  In the performing arts you have to be open to changes!


We offer dance technique classes on the first and third Friday’s for ages 8 and up.  These classes are designed to help students that are struggling in one or more areas of dance.  Within this one hour class, students will receive more individualized instruction to help develop stronger body placement, stronger technique, to improve flexibility and work on their coordination skills. The cost for this class is an additional $4.00 each time you attend. Please email Rita at by Thursday prior to the Friday class that you want to attend.  Please bring correct cash payment ($4) for this class.


It is very important to us that each parent is aware of their child’s progress. We provide progress reports during our parent observation week November 12th - November 15th.   At GDFAC we have a curriculum for each class that we offer that was set forth by the Carolina Dance Masters Program.   Your child’s progress will be noted as he or she progresses within our curriculum.  Please contact Rita at  any time to schedule a private conference.


Registration Fee  $35 (this fee is NON-REFUNDABLE)



45 and 60 minute classes cost  $40 per month 
Each additional 1 hour class cost $15 per month
Each 30 minute class will cost $30 per month, if that is the only class you are taking.

*All tuition payments are due by the 15th of each month.

*We offer a 5% discount when tuition is paid in full for an entire semester and a 10% discount when tuition is paid in full for the entire dance year.

*There is a $15 late fee added to any account not paid in full by the 15th of each month. If at any time an account becomes 45 days past due, the student will not be permitted to return to class until the full balance, including all late fees, is satisfied.

*All account balances must be paid in full by the last business day in April. All accounts MUST have a $0 balance by May 1st in order to participate in the recital.    NO EXCEPTIONS.

*We accept checks, money orders/cashier’s checks, credit and debit cards, and cash (in-person ONLY) for payments on accounts. No post dated checks will be accepted. There is a drop box outside and inside at GDFAC for payments.  DO NOT PUT CASH IN THE DROP BOX!  Or you may mail payments to us at:

Gotta Dance Fine Arts Center
412 Vance St.
Clinton, NC 28328.


*There is a $35 returned check fee charged on all returned checks. If a returned check is received a 2nd time on a student account, checks will no longer be accepted on the account. An alternate payment method must be used for all future payments.


Each student is required to pay a $75 recital fee by March 29th  (for each additional sibling the recital fee will be $ 45.00). This fee helps us to cover expenses for our show such as, a professional videographer and auditorium rental. The $75 fee,INCLUDES: 2 show tickets (per student) & 1 recital DVD (per family). Parents may purchase additional tickets and DVD’s at the time of the recital.


Each student must purchase a costume for each class routine. The fees for each costume may range from $55-$75.  A 50% deposit for each costume is due on October 19th.   The remaining balance is due November 16th. (THE COSTUMES ARE NOT CUSTOM MADE). They are ordered from companies based upon the student’s measurements.   We will be measuring the students in late October, so costumes can be ordered in early November.    We apply the measurements to a sizing chart. We generally   add 1 inch to all student’s measurements to account for growth over the remainder of the dance year.  Due to the fact that everyone is proportioned differently and grow at different rates some costumes may require minor alterations. Alterations are the responsibility of the student/parent. We can recommend a seamstress if necessary.


COSTUME RULES (Late payments)
If costume fees are not paid by the deadline given (November 16, 2012), the student may not receive their costumes in time for pictures and the spring recital. Parents/students are responsible for all additional fees incurred to get the costumes to us in a timely manner.  Examples of additional fees are: a price increase, single item purchase, shipping/handling and overnight fees.  All additional fees must be paid prior to GDFAC placing the order. Costumes will not be given out if there is a past due balance owed on a student’s account.   NO EXCEPTIONS!


If a student has an injury, medical condition, or illness of any kind, it is imperative that this information be included on the registration application. If the issue arises after registration, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can properly accommodate the student in any way possible.  Our staff also cannot administer medications of any kind to a student.


We offer private lessons in all areas of dance for students wanting to progress at a faster pace, improve their technical proficiency, or for competition/pageant routines. Private lessons are open to all students for solos, duets, trios. Students are allowed to compete in competitions/pageant if they have received permission from the instructor or choreographer. However, they will not be automatically placed in our spring recital.  Solos, duets, and trios will be used in the recital to allow adequate time between performances for our group dances.  We encourage student to take private lessons if they are needed. The costs for private lessons are set by each individual teacher not GDFAC. Discounts are given for multiple lessons.  Please contact 910-990-4082 to schedule a lesson.


Carolina Dance Masters Convention: CDM
This year our GDFAC students are eligible to attend the CDM Convention that will be held at the Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons in Greensboro, N.C. November 9-11.  This is a 3 day dance workshop.  It is an excellent and economical opportunity to experience professional dancers, teachers, and choreographers.  They will be challenged in numerous forms of dance.  The classes that are offered include: ballet, tap, jazz,, contemporary, hip hop, lyrical, musical theatre, and modern.
Each student that attends will receive access into a solo dance competition, banquet dinner ticket, and a class room band which allows them access to the workshop classes.  Students must stay in designated classes.  Mini’s  are ages 6 to 8 and the workshop cost is $130.  Juniors are ages 9-11, Teens are ages 12-13, and Seniors are ages 14 and up, the workshop cost is $150.  Mini’s classes are Saturday and Sunday 9a.m. until 1p.m.  Junior, Teen, and Senior classes are Saturday 9 a.m. until 4p.m and Sunday 9a.m. until 3p.m.  Each group will have a one hour lunch break.  Parents provide lunch.


We offer only the highest quality of dance classes available! Our faculty consists of highly trained and educated professionals who are either certified, degreed, or have professional experience equivalent to such in their respective fields. Minor students or teacher assistants are NOT allowed to independently instruct their own classes at GDFAC.

Acrobatics - acrobatic tricks, tumbling passes, balance tricks, flexibility and body control

Adult Dance Bodies - developing and maintaining a healthy body, mind and good physical conditions. Different styles of dance include hip hop, jazz, aerobics and tabeo

Ballet - ballet technique consisting of classical steps and movements in soft ballet shoes

Cheer Dance - consisting of jazz techniques, cheerleading moves and basic tumbling, jumps, leaps and turns

Dance Techniques - developing flexibility, balance, body control and different techniques in areas of jazz, ballet, tap and lyrical

Hip Hop - hip hop, street/freestyle dance combined with jumps, leaps and jazz technique

Jazz - jazz techniques including up tempo, isolations, turns, leaps and jumps (can be combined with ballet and lyrical) 

Lyrical - lyrical techniques with an emphasis on lyrics, emotional expression utilizing the music, flexibility, balance and control of movements

Tap - tap techniques rhythm, sounds and tempo

Tot’s Time - creative movement utilizing the body to create movement with music, coordination skills, motor skills emphasis on ballet and tap
(Tot’s Time students must be potty trained prior to entering classes at GDFAC)


 NO food or drinks are allowed in the classroom.  Only water bottles or bottles of water are allowed. We have to do this due to the sprung floor system that is in all three of our dance rooms.  Please help us keep our facility clean and do not leave trash lying around the center.
 Students and parents must be respectful at all times to the instructors, staff, other students, and other parents.  

 Students are expected to respect other
student’s personal space and personal belongings. Do not touch other students or their belongings without their permission!

 Pets of any kind are not allowed in the center at any time.


     We have lockers for rent on the premises that students may use and we strongly suggest renting a locker to keep their personal items in.  The locker rental is for 9 months for $45.  The Fine Arts Center will provide the locks for the lockers. Please make checks payable to the Fine Arts Center

We also have a lost and found box located in the dressing room that you may check for any lost items.


All students should be accompanied into the center by an adult AT ALL TIMES. Students should not be dropped off more than 10 minutes prior to class and should be picked up promptly after class. There is no staff available to supervise students who are left after class has ended when unnecessary accidents may occur. If a student is habitually picked up 15 minutes after class has ended, you will be issued a warning by email and a childcare fee of $2 per minute will be added to your account upon the next offense. 

 If a parent needs to pick up their child early from class, we have an intercom system located inside the reception area. This system will allow you to call into the classroom your child is in and have them released from class. Please do not disturb the class in progress by going to the classroom to get your child. A class schedule will be provided for you upon request.

The front door is the ONLY door to be used for entering/exiting the building.  The other doors to the building are emergency exits ONLY and an alarm will sound if they are opened.  Anyone caught playing with the emergency exits will be required to have a parent/teacher conference.  Please inform your child to wait inside the building until you come in to pick them up. GDFAC, nor any of its staff, are responsible for any accidents/injuries that occur on the premises. We are also not responsible for any mishaps that occur as a result of students (whether younger or older) leaving the center without a parent/guardian, or loitering outside of the building. Please be advised that GDFAC parents/students are not allowed to park across the street (violators will be towed).  Do not drop off students in the road in front of the center.  Our parking lot is behind the building. Please discuss safety issues with your child and help us keep all of our students safe!


DRESS CODE (Rules/Information)


Parents, please help us to reinforce these rules by making sure your child arrives to class prepared! 

 All female students are required to wear leotard and tights for all dance classes. All male students are required to wear black jazz pants and fitted shirt for all dance classes. Accessory dance wear can be worn in all classes other than ballet and acrobatics. 

CAMI’S, TANK TOPS AND T-SHIRTS are PROHIBITED in Ballet and Acrobatics Classes

All hair is expected to be pulled back neatly, preferably in a bun and/or ponytail. A wide headband may be used to secure the hair off of the face for all classes. Keep ponytail holders in your child’s dance bag so that hair will never be an issue for your dancer. 

 All female and male students are required to purchase an official GDFAC uniform.   All required dance shoes must be purchased through the dance store to ensure that each student has the specific brand/style/color of shoe that we require. We have a dance store inside of our facility with all our required shoes and dancewear.

We do offer a wide variety of dance wear and accessories available for purchase or order.

Each student must wear their GDFAC uniform during any Parent Observation week, and any performances in the community. The students may wear any color Gotta Dance Fine Arts Center t-shirt prior to and after all performances. The uniform ensures that EVERY student has the proper class attire and promotes unity at the center. The student must also wear tan tights during these performances; the tights must be purchased from the store.

Female students should not wear underwear with their uniform for performances. Undergarments that must be worn should be nude in color or have clear straps. Black sports bras are permissible. Male students should wear the proper undergarments under their uniform for all performances.

NO HOOP OR DANGLING EARRINGS of any kind are allowed in any classes. This can be VERY DANGEROUS! If a student arrives to class with earrings, they will be asked to remove them to participate in the class safely.


We expect each student to arrive to class on time. If a student arrives to class more than 15 minutes late, the instructor reserves the right to ask the student to sit out of class. We want to keep our students injury free without the proper warm-up the risk of injury is greatly increased. The instructors will not review previously covered materials due to a student arriving late.
Habitual tardiness shows a lack of respect for one’s classmates, instructor, and the art form. Three tardies will count as one absence. PLEASE BE ON TIME!


At GDFAC, we uphold a strict attendance policy. We believe that a student’s attendance is a direct reflection of their commitment and dedication for the art of dance, as well as their respect for their instructors and classmates.

A detailed attendance record is available at any time at the student/parent’s request. Parents will be notified via email if at any time a student has repetitive absences.  A student who is not feeling well enough to dance may be allowed to come and sit in their class if they are not contagious.  This will not count as an absence.  Any student who sits out of class more than 3 times without the parent sending a doctor’s note due to injury or illness will receive an absence for that class.



Fall Semester (August -December)
If a student is sick, the parent/student must call 990-4082 to notify the office staff that the student will be absent.  If a student has missed in excess of the 5 absences in a class in the fall semester, it is at the discretion of the instructor to drop the student from the class. Any and all recital fees, monies paid for costumes, tuition, registration, and late fees, are non-refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Spring Semester (January - May)
In the spring semester, if a student misses in excess of 5 absences in a class, they will NOT be permitted to participate in the recital. NO EXCEPTIONS. Whether the reason for 5 absences is due to illness, injury, vacation, etc. is irrelevant.  Any and all recital fees, monies paid for costumes, tuition, registration, and late fees, are non-refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS! The student can however continue to participate in their classes, if they choose. They will not be allowed to perform in the recital.


If for any reason a student must withdraw from any classes with GDFAC, you must formally withdraw IN PERSON and IN WRITING. If, a student HAS NOT been formally withdrawn from class regardless of the reason you will continue to incur charges on their account! You must discontinue classes prior to the 7th of the month in order to avoid being charged the full tuition price for the last month of class. Registration, recital fees, costume fees, tuition, and all other monies paid to GDFAC are non-refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Our annual spring recital will be May 19, 2012. All students at GDFAC are required to be at the mandatory dress rehearsal before our recital. If a student is absent for any reason at the time of any dress rehearsal, that student will not be allowed to perform in the show.  Unless otherwise instructed.

We strongly discourage videography and photography during our spring recital. Unfortunately, our children’s videos and photographs can be compromised both illegally and immorally. We MUST enforce this rule to protect our children!


In the case of inclement weather, please check your   email and/or face book for updated information as to the closings or delay. You can check your emails to confirm closings. Please use discretion about road conditions in your area and don’t try to drive if you feel it is unsafe. 

There are NO refunds or discounts given when the center must close due to inclement weather.  In the event we must close for an excessive amount of time, every effort will be made to schedule makeup days as permitted in our schedule.


We utilize emails for the bulk of our communication for our students and parents. We also utilize the social net work Gotta Dance Fine Arts Center Face Book Page to share updates and information.

We also send emails for upcoming information and payment receipts via email. If you do not have an email, you will receive statements through the mail. 

Please let us know what method of communication is best for you. You must notify a member of our administrative team IMMEDIATELY if your phone number, mailing address, or email address information changes at any time during the year.

Our website is a valuable resource for all GDFAC information. You can learn more about our wonderful faculty, view/print the GDFAC handbook, and/or calendar, learn about upcoming events, and check out the latest photos, all in one place!

Our website address is:


Have questions? Let us help you!


Location: Gotta Dance Fine Arts Center, Inc. (GDFAC)
               412 Vance St.
                Clinton, NC  28328


Questions about your account

General Information and Questions

General Information


                   2012-2013 GDFAC CALENDER

First Semester   August 27-December 20


SEPTEMBER                             DATES   
Labor Day   (No Classes)                  Mon., September 3


Friend’s Visitation Week                      Sept.10 - Sept. 14

GDFAC liability/waiver form                    Sept. 30


OCTOBER                                DATES  

Carolina Dance Master Convention Money Optional    Oct. 8                          
Street Fair Practice                                  October 1 2                           

Street Fair                                             October 13  
Performance Time 10:00 am

 Last Day of Registration                         October 26


Costume Deposit                                    Oct. 15 - Oct. 19


Costume Sizing (during class time)          Oct.22 – Oct. 26

Halloween Spirit Week                         Oct. 22 - Oct. 26
(Students are encouraged to wear Halloween colors, costumes, socks with their leotards/tights)

Halloween  Night (No Classes)               October 31


NOVEMBER                              DATES  
Coat Closet Kick Off                             Thursday,  Nov. 1
 (Performance  Time TBA)
City Market                                                    


Studio Closed                                          Friday, Nov. 9

Carolina Dance Master’s Workshop          Nov. 9-11

Parent Observation Week                         Nov. 12 - Nov.15
& Progress Reports                                 
(Wear class uniform)

Costume Balance                           Nov. 12 _ Nov.15
(If costume balance is not paid in full your child’s costume will not be ordered)


Thanksgiving (No Classes)             Nov. 22- Nov.23

Community Performance                             Nov. 29
    (Performance time TBA)


DECEMBER                          DATES     

Community Performance                    Dec. 1

Christmas Spirit Week                    Dec.10 - Dec. 14    
(Students are encouraged to wear Christmas colors, costumes, socks with their leotards/tights)

Christmas    (No Classes)                     Dec. 21 -Jan. 1


 Second Semester   January 2 – May 19

JANUARY                            DATES     

Dance Classes Resume                         January 2

Opening Number and Finale Practice     January 11 

Martin Luther King’s Day                     January 21
No Classes                               


FEBRUARY                          DATES      
Competition Fees Due                          Feb. 1

Opening number and Finale Practice     Feb. 8

Valentine’s Spirit Week                      Feb. 11 – Feb.15
(Students are encouraged to wear red with their leotards/tights)


MARCH                               DATES     
Final Shoe Order Balance Due               March 4

Opening number and finale practice          March 8

St. Patrick’s Day Spirit Week                       March 11-15
(Students are encouraged to wear green with their leotards/tights)

Carolina Dance Masters Competition           March 22-24

Recital Fee Due                                    March 29
(Recital fee must be paid in full in order for your child to perform in our spring recital)


APRIL                                 DATES      

Spring Break (No Classes)                           April 1 - 5

Tuition                                           April 15
(All tuition must be paid in full in order for your child to perform in our spring recital)

Make-up day/ Opening Number and                  April 19
Finale Practice    6:15-7:30                                

Rehearsal Week                                    April 22 - April 26   (Time: 5:30p.m.-8:00p.m.)
(All students are required to be in class during rehearsal week. Each student will come on their scheduled days for classes and must arrive at 5:30 and be picked up at 8:00.
(Tots time, Wee Hip Hop, and Wee Acro practice 5:30p.m.-6:15p.m.)

Picture Day                                            TBA


MAY                                  DATES     

*All account balances must be paid in full by the last business day in April. All accounts MUST have a $0 balance by May 1st in order to participate in the recital.    NO EXCEPTIONS.


Dress Rehearsal                                Saturday , May 18
 Rehearsal time 2:00-5:30

Spring Recital                                 Sunday, May 19



Gotta Dance Fine Arts Center, Inc  
Handbook & Liability Waiver Form Due Sept. 30

I, __________________, the parent/guardian of
____________________, have read and fully understand all of the rules, and policies in the Gotta Dance Fine Arts Center, Inc. (hereafter referred to as GDFAC, Inc.) Handbook, and agree to abide by all rules and policies herein.  I hereby acknowledge that I freely have the opportunity to ask the GDFAC, Inc. administrative staff any questions regarding rules and policies in this handbook and was encouraged to do so prior to signing this document.  I also understand that dance/acrobatics is a physically strenuous activity that may result in injury and I hereby release GDFAC, Inc. and all of its staff/faculty from all liability because of any injuries/accidents that occur during instruction, rehearsals, performances, competitions, and during transport to/from these events. I release GDFAC of all liability of any injuries, accidents, or mishaps that may occur on the premises even if I , my child, or children are not enrolled in a dance/acrobatics related class. I hereby release my/my child’s image to be used in GDFAC Promotional materials to include photos and/or audio/video images in advertisements, television, radio, and on the internet.  I understand that all GDFAC fees and monies paid are not refundable.  Failure to pay my account in full may result in multiple late fees and the assessment of legal fees associated with the collection of said fees.
GDFAC reserves the right to dismiss a student from the center for any of the following: gossiping, disrespect, lying, stealing, destruction of GDFAC property, or behaving negatively towards another peer.
GDFAC reserves the right to dismiss a student from the center due to improper behavior of the student, or improper behavior of the parent/guardian of a student.  Profanity, negative attitudes, and gossiping will not be tolerated at the center.
GDFAC is a drug-free facility. No alcohol or drugs of any kind are allowed on the premises. Any violation of this rule will result in immediate dismissal from the center.
GDFAC is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items left in the center.


Student Name

_____________________      ____________
Parent/Guardian    Signature        Date                                          






Gotta Dance Student Code of Conduct

The Gotta Dance Fine Arts Center is implementing a Student Code of Conduct Policy which all dancers are expected to exercise.  Signatures of parents and/or students will validate agreement and initiation of the policy.  Upon two (2) violations of acceptable conduct, the parent of the student will be called and the student will sit out the remainder of the class.  If a 3rd violation occurs, the student will be dismissed from the Gotta Dance Fine Arts Center Program. 

Acceptable Conduct:
___    Be on time to class
___     Respect and be kind to others
___     Listen carefully to directions, and obey them
___    Raise your hand before you ask a question
___     Listen quietly while others are speaking
___     Do not chew gum during class
___     Do not bring food to class
___     Do not bring drinks to class
___     Do not have a cell phone on during class


Print Student Name   Date                _____________________

Parent’s Signature     Date                ____________________